So THIS is what it felt like…

This is amazing. It was only two days ago when my psychiatrist heard me out and was finally convinced I had bipolar and PTSD along with Aspergers and clinical depression. So of course the dosage of my meds went through one helluva change overnight. And with that being said, it fucking works!!! I feel so refreshed and energetic compared to most of the time in these past 10 years and it can only get better. The air seems fresher, I have both eyes wide open for good now, and even the music in my earbuds sounds crisp as ever so I can finally turn down the volume. Now for the real shit part because you can’t have a post by Madd Dawg without it lol
Physically I feel the best I’ve probably felt since 2007. But that does NOT mean the many things I am mad at and want to change are suddenly not a priority. If anything, they are more of a priority because you can’t change anything without changing yourself first. Well, I am certain I have almost accomplished that. So now it’s no more fun and games. Now it’s time to dust myself off, pick up where I left off and start my life mission. And the best part is that if people tell me what I want to see for Aspies is delusional, I will still flip out, but I will not let the haters stop me. That’s the truth.
And oh yeah. I am still working my way out of the depression all together. So this post is just an update on a work in progress. Nothing more. I’m beyond happy about it, but I am still me and nothing will ever change that.

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