MDM: My Disability Matters Club

So let me begin to tell all of my fellow readers how much (I have said this a lot actually but it never loses meaning) how much I appreciate moral and validating support from people. This is especially true with people who have had similar experiences and feel comfortable and not judged for who they are and are looked at for their many positive qualities, not negative. I am talking about those with disabilities. Whether it is physical and/or mental, it matters and no one should overlook it or write it off.

I was introduced to the website you see above through the owner of it on Twitter. While I am still building my profile and introducing myself to future online friends, I already feel a lot less isolated in feeling like I am the only one going through a particular struggle. The people I have connected with so far have had or are having similar pain and are channeling it through this online club. I would love to see this site gain even more followers and be an inspiration to those who feel no one listens or gets them. Check it out now if you feel this way. And once you feel really glad you did, write them a testimonial piece to tell why you feel this way 🙂 Because if anything matters to you, it matters. Period.

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