A Post About Age: “Redefining The Word ‘Adult'”

In case I didn’t already write this, I will be turning 30 in a couple of months. Now one would hear that and of course say, “Well. Join the club. Nobody likes gettin’ old.” Well, it’s different in my case. The thought of no longer being able to hide that I am an adult makes me sick, even with just the idea of hearing the word “adult” or “I’ve grown up” from someone directed to me as a compliment. I have said this many times but this makes me sick for many reasons. But the biggest two go like this…

1. My perception of adults has always been bad. It is more than just being a kid not like being told what to do. I was treated in schools like I was nothing. I was physically AND mentally abused. I was forced to believe I was a bad person by adults. It ruined my self esteem for years. And to top it all off, the school I went to in my pre-teens where the abuse was beyond bad but not as bad as the next school…was a place where teachers didn’t refer to themselves to us as teachers. They referred to themselves as “adults” ie. “Let adults handle it etc” So anyone that says I got a problem with authority is not wrong.

2. Another thing I wrote about on here a lot is that I was battling depression for 10+ years. For 10 years, everything was numb and my motivation and basic emotions were at an all-time low. Being 30 by the time I officially woke up has me frantically making up for lost time. This blog is one example of that. And guess what, that’s a good thing. I would much rather post and get involved with what I am passionate about all at once because now I know I can handle it and I actually give a shit. Plus, being 40 or older (hell even 35) and having done just a little bit would make me the living example of the phrase “life is too short”.

So I declare this millennial generation which is Generation Y (that’s me), Z and of course everyone after that…to redefine the term “adult” and make it less aurthory-like and more human-like. Age IS just a number, but nobody should change who they are because they are older. All of the problems in the world today are caused by out-of-the-loop “adults” while people my age and younger give a fuck about others. And the ones that don’t have unsupportive parents not because they are mean to their kids, but because they encourage and brainwash their kids to be just like them. I would even change the word “adult” and turn it into something less scary, similar to the word “kid” or “child”. And “adults” need to stop using the word “childish” to describe irresponsible and selfish people. That is an insult to kids everywhere. Once these minsters finally all die off, the world will become a more compassionate and validating place.

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