Why They Call(ed) Me Madd Dawg

Because back then I was angry but it had appeal and people flocked over to me.

Now if I am angry, it’s unappealing and people run away from me.

I’m the same dude. That’s why I keep this name alive.

People I used to know are not the same. To quote Joe Budden they “started out Obama and ended up McCain”

So case in point, they actually deserved to be dropped from my roster.

But it’s cool. For them anyway. I’m sure they’re living it up while I still have my dignity and soul intact.

It used to be about compassion and real shit. Now it’s just about the riches and the bitches.

So excuse me if all I say is THE SYSTEM THIS and THE SYSTEM THAT. I’m sure yall play favorites on who’s worthy to be angry at shit. But you created this monster.

My depression takes full responsibility for letting those who overstayed their welcome in my life finally get out of my life.

But I take zero responsibility for everything I apologized for back then when I deserved that apology more. FACT! COMMON SENSE!

So in short, all this shit I have been forced to carry that increases every year, complete with my “pitbull” face…is where I get my name from. That’s why they call(ed) me…

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