Poem Series #2

“Pull & Push”

When life gives you lemons
And you never asked to get ’em
Make more than just a drink
Wake up, stop and think
Do you sweep them under the rug?
Do you accept being small like a bug?
Do you bottle it all up?
Or do you say enough is enough?
If someone you know won’t listen
Then that’s not even subtle, they’re dissin
If they think you host a party of pitty
Then they can leave your social city
Saying “I’m hear for you” is not enough
You should show it to those who have it rough
Stop hurting and then claim you’re helping
That’s what say to stop your dignity from melting
Don’t give in to those that give up on you
They smile in your face but if they only knew
That you know they’re pulling you down
Push yourself back up and be proud to frown
A smile will come naturally
In the right circle, you know you agree

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