Mother’s Day Walk 4 Peace 2018

As someone who lives in the Greater Boston area, and as someone who is waking up from a 10 year nightmare of being a depressed, pessimistic, nihilistic, you name it…I am now seeing the world for the first time as an informed and woke individual who’s finally clear minded like after a detox. And what I see is so fucking wrong and scary.
This walk starts in Dorchester and goes for 7 miles. It’s a tradition since the 90s for all races and families to come together and strengthen compassion for each other to trample over the tragic homicides that cloud the streets and are beyond traumatic for the whole community to put it mildly.
As a devout hip hop listener since 9 years old, finally being aware of this thanks to my own mother, you can imagine how even as a white dude who doesn’t experience this at all, was moved beyond belief reading about this on the walk’s website. I will be marching for the whole 7 miles which to me is really easy.
One of the things the website said in their breakdown of the event had me shouting “YES!! Thank you!!” at the top of my lungs. It’s pasted below.

“We will strengthen our movement by rejecting the idea that only some victims are worthy of our grief, leaving others to be overlooked or forgotten.”

Even LL Cool J touched on this subject in response to the then massive media coverage of Columbine in his 2000 song “Homicide”. Which btw is a classic and that’s a scientific fact lol. Anyway, if any of my two readers (jk I totally stole that line from Max at Shout out to Max lol) live in the Boston area and aren’t working that day…well you should know the rest.
And just to put the subject back on myself since this is my damn blog (again, stole it from Max…sorry), my mental detoxing in the past month has got me to see the world with both eyes wide open again, almost like waking up Rip Van Winkle style. And with that comes deep emotions and something that goes against the stupid myth about Aspies…empathy. I feel for the millions deeply affected by what Trump is doing and has done and no longer will I dismiss the entire human race as a murdering, evil lost cause. To quote “How I Got Over” by The Roots, “that type of thinking can’t getcha nowhere, someone has to care”. In short, I have almost completely broken out of the bubble I was in being caged in (stuck in the moment) and moving forward is not just an option. It’s the only way. My love for the 90s will remain, but my being “stuck in” it will NOT be. Shit’s gotta change.
My next post will be posted soon and will be all about age. Pushing 30 is something I refuse to look at as the “moment you are officially an adult”. Being an adult is nothing to look forward to, and to be honest, it’s far more scary than previous generations. The word “adult” needs to be redefined like crazy for millennials. More on that in the next post…

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