You know what the difference is from the typical nameless person and me?

I take disrespect for what it is.

They think taking it like that is how I “perceive” it.

I say what’s on my mind.

They act polite and bottle shit up.

I only apologize when I have to.

They don’t apologize when they have to but expect me to apologize when I DON’T have to.

I know when I get upset, it’s strictly based on circumstances.

They think and force me to accept the false claim it’s strictly medication.

I know who I am more than anyone.

They beg to differ and even when I’m 29, they still give off that vibe that they “know what’s best for me”

I fix problems by facing them and solving them.

They forget about it by popping pills and meditating and doing yoga and going vegan and looking down on anyone that doesn’t

I act on my own personality and natural growth.

They act their age.

I am a REAL millennial.

They are only millennials when it comes to shallow trends.

I keep it real.

They stay positive.

Bottom line, whoever said I don’t have confidence is the same person who fits the “they” descriptions. So it’s clear you got it backwards dummies.

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