Two Mixes I Completed Earlier This Year

Since the fall of 2016, I have been taking my huge library of music (if you know me, you probably can guess a lot of it is hip-hop and r&b), along with the best audio editing software I had at the time and started creating mixtape mp3s. All that have been completed have been stored in my private cloud service, but two recent ones I just uploaded to my brand new Mixcloud account. These are nostalgia mixes representing periods of my life, some great and some god-awful. But regardless, I feel good hearing my twist on what was on the radio when I was a kid. Vol 1 represents my 4th grade (best year of my childhood EVER!!) so it’s a personal fave. Vol 2 represents a much darker time following 4th grade but it was still fun to create and revisit those songs. Mixcloud streaming links are below.

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