Trying To Start A Meetup Group

Okay so I live in Massachusetts if readers of this blog haven’t already figured out. Right now I have made it a mission to reconnect with the world and step back out there socially. I am not satisfied with only working for a settled job that will just turn into a music industry version of customer service which is why I will NOT be taking part in that studio’s internship. They are right across from Berklee right? So I got plenty of resources Bristol Studios can help me with alternatively after training is done. I was born to be my own boss. Anyway….
Getting back on track here, my SOCIAL plan is to connect, listen to and develop non-small talk relationships with people who may or may not be on the spectrum, but are in a similar age range and are currently having similar struggles due to a quarter life crisis they didn’t choose to have.
I have recently been googling support and young-adult social groups for Aspies in Massachusetts. Aside from the Fringe Aspies group on I joined a week ago that only meets up ONCE A MONTH, I was troubled to find that it is the only overall meetup group of that nature in the whole fucking state. That is unacceptable. And I would like to think that there are lots of people like me round here that can relate.
Since corporate funded (they are not non-profit. Don’t believe the hype if there is any) organizations like AANE and MGH/Aspire are no use for my demographic and mainly specialize in telling clients “what to do”, there is a desperate need for more groups like Fringe Aspies in the Boston Area, especially for young adults.
I have never started a meetup group or any kind of group for that matter, so when my still current therapist is fully recovered from surgery and can meet me again, I will reach out to him and any other connections he might have to make this effective and successful. The same thing goes for marketing this blog. I only had been here blogging for two weeks and everything looks like it’s all just about me. But I will be speaking with a broader brush a lot more from hear on out. This blog isn’t meant (well maybe 10% of it is) for simple attention and venting. It’s meant to be the voice of my demographic. And it is bigger and more widespread than the public would like to admit or even think.
While I am not a fan of having a “positive attitude”, I do firmly believe that good things do not go to those who wait, but to relentless individuals who can’t stop and won’t stop going out and gettin it. Peace.


(Originally posted on April 9th 2018)

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