The Yin And Yang Of My Thought Process…Sometimes


(Warning: All of the following statements are real and candid examples of extreme thoughts. Three out of the four Yins are genuinely good statements I would say out loud but everything else well….)

Yin: “I feel guilty for everyone I hurt when I couldn’t see it. I need prescribed fake and evil pharma meds to stop my evil-minded yet natural post-trauma so I can look at solitude as a bad thing. Then I can tell myself Be Careful What You Wish For”

Yang: “I’M NOT SORRY. But when I say those three words I don’t have a whole generation of social media and liberal outlets THAT I SUPPORT bowing down to ME. Why can’t I be biologically related to ppl that make a difference that I myself benefit from. I am unapologetically selfish and am easily swayed by the internet and hearing opinions that pander more to my beliefs, which keep changing out of convenience anyway. No apologies for selfishness either. I am what the real bad guys and the innocent ones I perceive as bad guys made me.”

Yin: “I want to empower others like me to not look at seeking help as a weakness but as a strength.”

Yang: “I want to empower others like me to raise their middle fingers in unison to all of the neurotypical adults who told us they know us better than we know ourselves and what’s best for us. And make sure there are cameras on what I give the signal to stomp them out”

Yin: “The appetite for power is a bad sign. It could lead people to sell their souls and be the next Hitler or Trump”

Yang: “If only I was in a position of power, then people would take my words more seriously and drop everything they were currently focused on”

Yin: “Reality TV is pseudo-reality and scripted. And you only know what you see from celebrities. So of course the good will look like it outweighs the bad”

Yang: “Real jobs can eat a dick. I was not born to be told what to do by people who at this point are only a few years older than me. Funny how I am “stuck in the 90s” but have the bullshit generalised mentality all the older generations label millennials with. Oh wait, I was born in 88. I am a millennial. Great. Now I don’t have to hate myself. Wait where did this rant just go?”

Yin: “I need help”

Yang: “I need help”

The moral to this post is that no matter how good or bad one may view themselves (or how ppl view you), shit isn’t all black and white. I hope this wasn’t too confusing or off-putting. This was meant to demonstrate what being human, unfiltered, candid and honest sounds like. And how there is no 100% good or bad side. There are flaws everywhere depending on who you are and what’s going on. But denying you have flaws is one flaw I can’t condone.

But seriously, if I don’t get a call back from this therapist for a screening call by Monday, I am calling again. The only upside I can think of is if someone is really good with clients, no wonder they are busy.

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