Poem Series #1

“The Underestimated”
One of a kind with no piece of mind

Gem in the ruff but ain’t shown it enough

Rebel by mind but conforming by sight

Warm by nature but you won’t know til later

That’s assuming you look beyond what this life taught you

Everybody can change but only if they want to

Why oh why do we expect so much of ourselves?

Cuz that last rejection turned our plans to dust on the shelves

You can’t blame me for being far from ideal

I have been wasting so much time pretending I know how I feel

If fear leads to anger, to hate, to a life worth ending

Then at yourself you must look, cuz fuck preaching, my style’s venting

But for good intentions, I talk loud and say FAR from nuthin

And never did, y’all don’t know shit about me, stop frontin

And you know you want to give me as many chances needed

Without me the world’s been empty so no wonder we screamin’

This is real. I don’t brag. Not the arrogant type.

But get back, the real me broke free, and I’m here to fight

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