A Song I Just Wrote

Going to compose a beat for this on Logic Pro X, record raw vocals of these lyrics I wrote over said beat. And then bring in the raw mixdown to my next studio session/class in a couple days. Whether my teacher likes this or not, I will still upload the finished track on here and my other blog site as well. Stay tuned…

Verse 1:
Can I wear a mask? NO
Can I just relax? NO
Should I smile more? NO
Should I hate it hardcore? HELL NO
Can I take the mask off? YEAH
Can the bullshit stop? YEAH
Should I be my own man? YEAH
Am I MaddDawg Dailey or Sam HELL YEAH
Is my life my fault? NO
Do I deserve what I got? NO
Should I forgive them at all? NO
Should my back be against the wall? HELL NO
Is it cool to not be cool? YEAH
Can I make my own rules? YEAH
Should I tell adults fuck off? YEAH
Is acting hard really soft? FUCK YEAH

So this is what we gon do
We gon warn u u and then u
Yall don’t want fuck with the Auts
We humans too if yall forgot
So don’t tell me what to do
I gotta a way of thinking that’s new
It’s me, my brain and my crew
We ain’t never wanna be like u

Verse 2:
What is a Autistic man? ME
What is a sadistic man? YOU
Who is a courageous man? ME
But I don’t give a damn about YOU
Still living with moms? ME
Still alone in the dark? ME
Still better than the rest? ME
So it’s best NTs don’t fuck with ME
Getting any kind of job BAD
Getting the right kind of job GOOD
Fake smiling for the public BAD
Showing emotion saying fuck it REAL GOOD
Telling us to calm down? HATE
Telling us that we can frown? LOVE
Saying people will like u more? HATE
Saying we can win this war REAL LOVE

Hook (4x)

Tweet Compilation Pt 4 (Some Important Links Included In Here)

Dear ,
Freedom of the press and Freedom of Speech go hand in hand. What doesn’t go hand in hand is Freedom of Speech and spreading hate and bigotry. That is all. Have a terrible night.

Sum mandatory advice for ppl trying to help others,
Don’t reply to me saying “Breathe”
Now you know.

I’m 2 things: A realist but also an idealist. Weird right? What I’m saying is I believe in us making society more accepting and compassionate for ppl if we stand 2gether. But I don’t believe in sweeping things under the rug and doing nothing when bullshit happens.

Who knew the best musical therapy for me is listening to Mary J Blige? Weird. The fact my recently uploaded mixtape of her 90s-2000s hits on Mixcloud is quickly getting plays doesn’t surprise me.  

In 5th grade, when I was being held down to the floor by 4 school staff members at once for the first time, I thought I heard one of their whispers to each other be “And then ur going to kill him” Don’t ever tell me I am playing the victim over the past!  

Did u know that some small kids on the spectrum have actually died from “restraints”? Well now u know. So if you refuse to acknowledge why I am the way I am or accuse me of “being damn lucky” (Zach WAS right to call u what he called u and he ALSO abused me) fuck u.

Sign as quickly as possible…👇👇  
 Stop Defense Distributed From Releasing Downloadable Guns – Sign the Petition! via

If ur annoyed by my constant retweeting of this morning’s justifiable rant where I address being physically abused in a so-called (really behavioral and nothing more) specialized school, ur a terrible person. Sorry not sorry.

I feel guilty for my body beginning to tolerate this ongoing heat wave, because this shit is not normal. I want the to hit the crooked system hard but not a literal wave around HERE. We are not used to hurricanes. 

To the whole community, If u ever need another safe space online to talk with, share and help each other in ur struggles with a , I urge u to join ‘s support network 🙂  

Party: Expose hate to stop hate. 
Reply with ur story if u ever been a victim of corrupt politics. 
Copy this tweet to your own will RT. 
I post these once a day 
Vote & to stop and treason 

To help raise awareness and change of what ppl like me (a lot more ppl than society thinks) have to struggle with everyday and connect with others doing the same. It is very useful in both social and advocacy circles and I love it 🙂